What is BscIT | Why should do BscIT after 12th | What are career options | Eligibility for BscIT

In this article we will cover below topics,

 What is BscIT?

 Is it possible to pursue BscIT after completing 12TH commerce stream?

 Why should do BscIT after 12th

 What are Eligibility for BscIT?

 What are career options after BscIT completion?

Let's Start-

(1) What is bscIT?

The full form of BSc IT is a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. BSc IT is a bachelor’s degree awarded for an undergraduate course in the Information Technology field. Students seeking career opportunities in IT and software can opt for a BSc IT diploma or course. There are multiple variations available for this course in different fields and subjects, students can choose the categories according to their preferences. BSc is a gateway to work in the Information Technology industry.

Some Key points are below-

  • BSc IT is a professional course
  • BSc IT is a 3 years course
  • BSc IT graduates can get an initial annual salary package between Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 4 lakh per annum. Candidate with and BSc IT degree can get profiles such as programmer, system engineer, software engineer, network administrator, hardware engineer, tester, and system analyst.
  • After getting a professional undergraduate degree in BSc IT, candidates either can look for opportunities in any IT company. They can also choose to complete their masters in the IT field for better salary packages and higher positions.

(2) Is it possible to pursue BscIT after completing 12TH commerce stream?

The answer would be YES. Though B.Sc. IT is treated as a Science stream course, many Colleges also are offering admission to Commerce stream students. But there are some conditions and limitations though. You will be reading about the limitations and conditions in the next section.

Limitations and Conditions

In case of most Colleges offering admission to Commerce stream students (for B.Sc. IT program), they have an eligibility criteria. As per the criteria, the student must have had Mathematics and/or Computer subjects during 11th and 12th Commerce stream schooling! Students who satisfy this criteria may land a seat in such Colleges, when it comes to B.Sc. IT course.

Let me also tell that there are other Colleges too, which don’t go by this eligibility criteria. If you don’t satisfy the above condition, you may try your luck at such a College! You may also give alternative courses a try too (they are mentioned in the next section)!

The main limitation is that Commerce stream students won’t be able to get admission in top quality institutes for B.Sc. IT course. The top colleges’ seats will be filled up fast, based on merit marks of entrance examination (science stream) and board examination.

(3) Why should do BscIT after 12th?

The BSc IT course can give you a very bright future. Here are a few reasons why you should take up a BSc IT course:

  • The students will have a deep understanding of ways of managing and securing huge amounts of data.
  • They will get to know about subjects like software development, networking, databases, and programming.
  • As the IT industries are growing rapidly, you need not face a lot of difficulty in acquiring a well-paid job.
  • The average salary earned by an IT fresher is around 2-4 Lakhs per annum. Your income will increase with experience.
  • A student can also opt for an academic career and teach at various academic institutes. He/She can also go for research activities.
  • After completing this course you can also opt for government, well-paid, and reputed job positions.

(4)What are Eligibility for BscIT?

  1. First you should pass out 12th standard.
  2. Science/commerce student are eligible for BSC IT.
  3. If you are commerce student than make sure that in 12th standard you chosen mathematics NOT SP.
  4. Minimum 45% marks is required to getting admission in mumbai university.
  5. Try to score more marks in mathematics atleast 60/100 for getting a good college.

(5) What are career options after BscIT completion?

Successful pass outs of BSc IT course may go for pursuing MSc and PhD in the subject. For those interested in pursuing the subject professionally, IT and Telecom industries are the major recruiters in the field. Some of the job profiles after the BSC IT course are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions.

Job Position

Job Description

Average Annual Pay Scale in INR

IT Support Analyst

IT Support Analysts are responsible for providing technical set-up, advice, and support to IT users via email, phone, social media, and in person.

3.0 lakh

Network Engineer

Network Engineers are responsible for devising security, data storage, and disaster recovery strategies. A telecoms or computer science-related degree is needed for the role.

6.7 lakh

IT Consultant

IT Consultants are responsible for providing technical assistance in developing and implementing IT systems for internal as well as external clients.

11.5 lakh

Web Designer

Web Designers create the design and layout of websites or web pages, working with colleagues or clients to meet their requirements.

2.33 lakh

Software Developer

Software Developers implement software solutions by building programs, applications, and websites.

3.9 lakh

Quality Assurance Analysts

Quality Assurance Analysts are responsible for testing programmes and software.

3.5 lakh

Systems Analyst

Systems Analysts examine existing IT systems and write the requirement for new ones. They analyze hardware, software, and wider IT systems for the client or employer and also figure out the new requirements.


BSc IT: Top Recruiters









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