HSC IT March Question Paper 2017


Q.1 Fill in the Blanks: [10 marks]

1. <link> tag is placed in the section ________________ Answer-: HEAD
2. HTTP stands for ______________________ Answer-: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
3. To create a dropdown list in HTML __________ tag is used. Answer-: <select>
4. Linux is ______ type of software. Answer-: Freeware
5. _________ right is a discipline which protects the copyrights, trade marks of the inventors. Answer-: Intellectual Property
6. EDI stands for _____________ Answer-: Electronic Data Interchange
7. __________ cable is used in telephone connections. Answer-: Twisted Pair
8. A _________ is the interconnection of LAN and MAN. Answer-: WAN
9. When one record in a table is related to many records in another table is called __________ relationship. Answer-: One to Many
10. Tally works on the principle of ________ entry system. Answer-: double

Q.2 True or False: [10 marks]

1. Shape attribute is specified with <map> tag. Answer-: FALSE
2. To use shareware product it is not necessary to registered it. Answer-: FALSE
3. Addressee means a person who is intended by the originator to receive the electronic record but does not include any intermediary. Answer-: TRUE
4. EDI is commonly applied to execution and settlement phase of trade cycle. Answer-: TRUE
5. B2B model is commonly known as EDI. Answer-: TRUE
6. STP stands for Shielded Twisted Pair Answer-: TRUE
7. In Access, properties of fields are set in the design view. Answer-: TRUE
8. Text can be allowed up to 255 characters. Answer-: TRUE
9. Ledgers are very important for voucher entries. Answer-: TRUE
10. User can delete groups from multiple alternation mode. Answer-: TRUE


Q.3 A Multiple Choice Questions (Select 1 Answer): [10 marks]

1. ___________________ are used to create imaginary sections of browser screen. Answer-: b

a) Form Space b) Frames
c) Input Space d) Select

2. ______________ attribute specifies the amount of white space to be left at the top of frame. Answer-: c

a) height Space b) width
c) marginheight Space d) marginwidth

3. _______________ element is used to check one option at a time. Answer-: a

a) Radio Space b) Menu
c) List Space d) checked

4. Attribute of <link> tag is ______________ Answer-: a

a) type Space b) css
c) references Space d) relation

5. Default scrolling value in <frame> is ________ Answer-: c

a) No Space b) Yes
c) Auto Space d) Off

6. Intentional damage to equipment, software or data of other users is termed as ____________ Answer-: b

a) copyright Space b) unauthorized access
c) fair use Space d) intellectual property right

7. Linux is _________ software. Answer-: a

a) freeware Space b) public domain
c) shareware Space d) hardware

8. ______ model describes commercial transaction between 2 customers. Answer-: d

a) B2B Space b) B2C
c) C2B Space d) C2C

9. Online trading, free launching with website are example of _______ model. Answer-: c

a) B2B Space b) B2C
c) C2B Space d) C2C

10. The ___________ model describes commerce transactions between business. Answer-: a

a) B2B Space b) B2C
c) C2B Space d) C2C


Q.3 B Multiple Choice Questions (Select 1 Answer): [10 marks]

1. The ________ layer allows the users on different machines to establish sessions maintain and end session. Answer-: d

a) Data link Space b) Network
c) Application Space d) Session

2. ____________ cable are made up of two copper wires twisted together. Answer-: b

a) coaxial Space b) twisted pair
c) fiber optic Space d) twist

3. A set of rules of communication is called as _______ Answer-: a

a) Protocols Space b) topology
c) set Space d) network

4. RARP stands for ______________ Answer-: c

a) Reverse Address Reserve Protocol Space b) Reverse Address Reverse Protocol
c) Reverse Address Resolution Protocol Space d) Reverse Address Reminder Protocol

5. Which option in MS-Access assigns a unique number to a newly created record? Answer-: b

a) Serial number Space b) Auto number
c) Unique number Space d) random number

6. A __________ is formally defined as a centrally controlled collection of data in an organization. Answer-: b

a) Query Space b) database
c) Report Space d) Table

7. A _________ is centrally controlled collection fo data in an organization. Answer-: b

a) Table Space b) Database
c) Report Space d) View

8. To activate Gateway of Tally _______ shortcut is used. Answer-: a

a) Ctrl+M Space b) Ctrl+P
c) Ctrl+O Space d) Ctrl+G

9. In Tally, for payment voucher _______ key is used. Answer-: d

a) F6 Space b) F7
c) F8 Space d) F5

10. In tally for sales voucher _______is used. Answer-: b

a) F6 Space b) F8
c) F10 Space d) F12

Q.4 Multiple Choice Questions (Select 2 Answers): [10 marks]

1. In CSS, class selector starts with ___________ and ID selector start with ____________ Answer-: a b

a) period Space b) hash
c) dollar Space d) semicolon
  Space e) colon

2. Following keys are used in relational database management system. Answer-: a b

a) Primary Space b) foreign
c) selection Space d) secondary
  Space e) relation

3. Disadvantage of E-Commerce are ________________ and ______________ Answer-: b c

a) distribution delivery Space b) problem of controlling privacy and security
c) new technology Space d) high price
  Space e) low price

4. Following are the types of network ______________ Answer-: b c

a) VAN Space b) LAN
c) MAN Space d) DAN
  Space e) FAN

5. In Tally duties and taxes hold following accounts ________ Answer-: a d

a) excise duty Space b) salary
c) rent Space d) local sales tax
  Space e) furniture

Q.5 Multiple Choice Questions (Select 3 Answers): [6 marks]

1. Following are the types of network _______________ Answer-: a d e

a) LAN Space d) MAN
b) GAN Space e) WAN
c) CAN Space f) NAN

2. The YES/NO field of access can contain these values ________ Answer-: a c e

a) True/False Space d) Up/Down
b) Next/Previous Space e) Zero/One
c) On/Off Space f) Left/Right

Q.6 Rearrange the Following: [4 marks]

1. The sequence of events for client side image mapping area as follows: Answer-: bdecfhag

a) </map>
b) <html><body>
c) <map name=map>
d) <h1 align="center">A client-side image map</h1>
e) <img src="stat.jpg" border="0" usemap="#map">
f) <area shape="circle" coords="300,125,25" href="nature.jpg">
g) </body></html>
h) <area shape=circle coords=300,325,25 href=flower.jpg>

Answer: _____________________________

2. Procedure to alter ledger following steps are used: Answer-: debcfa

a) Modify information about ledger and press enter.
b) Select ledgers from account Info.
c) Select alter from single ledger.
d) From Gateway of Tally.
e) Select Account Info.
f) Select particular ledger from list.

Answer: _____________________________

Q.7 Short Q. Answers: [10 marks]

1. Explain ten commandments of computing?
2. Write advantages of Electronic Market (E-Market).
3. Explain Purchase Voucher.

Q.8 Write Program: [10 marks]

1. Write html code to create a list of five snacks items. It should allow multiple selections by the user. Buttons should be provided for clearing and submitting the form.
2. Write html code for displaying form with title Employee Login. It should have provision to take employee name, data of joining, and department. Use checkboxes for selecting departments as HR, Purchase, Sales Buttons should be provided for submitting and clearing data.