OCM Model Question Paper 2021 [Sample Paper]

OCM Model Question Paper 2021 [Sample Paper]

OCM Model Question Paper 2021 [Sample Paper]

Q.1. A) Select the correct option AND rewrite the sentences.    

  1. ……………..WAS REGARDED AS FATHER of Scientific MANAGEMENT.  a)Henry FAYOL b) F W TAYLOR c) Philip Kotler
  2. The functions of MANAGEMENT START with function.
  3. The word ‘entrepreneur’ is derived from the word ‘entreprendre’.
    a. JAPANESE b) English c) French
  4. WAREHOUSES provide FACILITIES for perishable commodities.
    a) Bonded b) Cold STORAGE c) Government
  5. The TRANSACTIONS under ARE between consumers AND consumers.
    a. B2B b. C2C c. B2C

Q.1. B) MATCH the PAIRS.

Group ‘A’ Group ‘B’
1.      Henry Fayol


2.        Staffing

3.      Entrepreneur

4.      Business Service

5.      Outsourcing

a)      To focus on the role of MANAGER.


b)      It is the process of recruiting, selecting, PLACING AND REMUNERATING.

c)      German engineer

d)      Modern Management

e)        Self-motivated

f)       Employments

g)               Intangible in nature

h)      BPO

i)        Efficient business

Q.1. C) Give one WORD/PHRASE/TERM for the following STATEMENTS.

  1. The principle which DEALS with ‘to do work with INNOVATIVE WAY’.
  2. The right person at the job with the right
  3. A function of creating something new for an economic
  4. The commission which entertains case where the value of the goods or services paid as consideration does not exceed Rs. one
  5. These warehouses are owned, managed, and controlled by central and state governments or public

Q.1. D) Answer in one sentence.

  1. WHAT is the principle of unity of COMMAND?
  2. What is management?
  3. What is Agrotourism?
  4. What is E-business?
  5. What is marketing?

Q.2.     EXPLAIN the following terms/concepts. (Any 4) [8]

  1. Staffing
  2. Intrapreneur
  3. Warehouse
  4. Social Responsibility
  5. Lok
  6. Consumer movement

 Q.3.     Study the following CASE/SITUATION AND express your opinion. (Any 2) [6]

  1. Harshad is an entrepreneur and engaged in the production of eco-friendly utensils. Both male and female workers are working in his factory. All male employees are directly working on machines whereas female employees are working in the Packaging Department. Mr. Sharath is working as Finance Manager while Mrs. Naina is working as an HR Manager who is responsible for recruiting employees in the factory. On this basis:
    1. Identify any one principle of management in above
    2. What is the designation of Naina in this organization?
    3. Who is responsible for the overall planning of the organization?
  2. In XYZ Company, Lele gives instructions to the employees working under him, provides guidance, and motivates them for their best performance. On the other hand, Mr.Sayyad takes an effort to harmonize the work done by the employees of different departments while achieving organizational goals. Mr.Desai is looking after the arrangement of the required resources for the business organization.
    1. Mention the name of the employee engaged in the following functions:
    2. i) Organization ii) Direction iii) Coordination
  3. Mr. Soham is a young MBA degree holder, Mr. Navin is a Commerce graduate. Mr. Soham is willing to start a dairy farm in his village. Mr. Navin is willing to work as a cashier in a Private Company.
    1. Find out the dream of Soham and Navin.
    2. State anyone feature of Entrepreneur.
    3. To become a successful entrepreneur, which qualities Mr. Soham should have?

Q.4.     Distinguish between    (Any 3) [12]

  1. Planning and Organizing
  2. Life Insurance and Marine Insurance
  3. BPO and KPO
  4. District Commission and State

Q.5.     Answer in brief. (Any 2) [8]

  • Explain any five principles of management of Henry
  • Explain the functions of an entrepreneur
  • Types of warehouse

 Q.6.     Justify the following STATEMENTS. (Any 2) [8]

  • Principles of management are flexible in
  • An entrepreneur must be an
  • The principle of subrogation is applicable to all contracts of
  • Marketing helps in increasing consumer awareness

Q.7.     Attempt the following. (Any 2)           [10]

  • States the importance of
  • the primary function of a commercial bank
  • Explain social responsibility towards employee

 Q.8.     Answer the following.  (Any2)  [16]

  • Explain in detail the 7P’s of the marketing mix
  • What is Insurance? Explain the principles of insurance.